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Acker Awards 2019

Seventh Acker Award
presented by Clayton Patterson

STATEMENT: The reason for the Dec 30th was to just get the award done in 2020.  But was not really ready.  So it took until into the 2021 to get the box and all the posters and so on. We are 2021... but this is the 2020 Ackers.  The year for the virus.  We will have to do the 8th in 2021.  We will have 2 this year.

JOHNSON THEATER | 155 First Avenue | NYC 10003 | Thursday June 10th 2021. Starts 7PM.

ATTENTION: Please try to get there between 6-6:30 PM. Also, please note, the restrictions are that people must show proof of vaccination or a negative test within the last 7 days.

TAGGED: Preview + Livestreaming on 12/30/20 + Slide show + Poster + Zito's cups + Recipients + Book

Creator: Clayton Patterson | Catalogue cover design: Steve Ellis | Catalogue cover painting: Elsa Rensaa
Box: Mehdi Matin | Booklet: John Gagliano | Helping organize: Puma Perl, Peter Cramer and Jack Waters
Music: Burning Buddha for the NY ACKER slideshow | Sponsor of the booklet: Cossd Marte of CONBODY.

Music for this slide show, "Morning" composed and performed by @Burning__Buddha

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NY Acker Awards ceremony livestreaming on instagram
New York, NY 10003 | Dec 30, 2020 at 6pm

The Acker Awards, now in their seventh year, are a tribute given to members of the avant-garde arts community who have made outstanding contributions in their discipline in defiance of convention, or else served their fellow writers and artists in outstanding ways. The award’s novelist namesake, in her life and work, exemplified the risk-taking and uncompromising dedication that identifies the true avant-garde artist.

Each recipient receives a commemorative box that contains original art works and mementos created by some of the 40 winners.

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Previous NY Acker Awards ceremony slide show

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Poster by Jerry Pagane
Jerry Pagane created the appreciation for the Health Care Workers
Poster by unknown
Ray Felix created the LES NY ACKER Superhero

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Zito's posthumous cups

REVIEW: Disposable Icons: Zito’s Coffee Cup Portraiture in: Bowery Boogy on December 9th, 2020 by Staff: Antony Zito has been a fixture of the Lower East Side art scene for decades. But it’s one of his more recent artistic pursuits that strikes a chord.
Discarded paper coffee cups are the canvas on which Zito imparts profiles of downtown luminaries. The effort began four years ago as part of the annual Acker Awards, the ceremony seven-year-old show founded by Clayton Patterson that honors the avant-garde of the East Village and Lower East Side. He was asked to contribute “small artworks” to the so-called “Acker boxes,” which are the physical award. The cups were a posthumous honor to those lost during the year prior.
When it came to inspiration, Zito fell back on a pillar of New York City life – the ubiquitous blue-and-white Greek coffee cup. It’s officially called an “Anthora,” which derives from the Greco-Roman amphora, an ancient container.
“I wanted something that just screamed ‘New Fuckin’ York!’ the artist told us in an email. “It had to be small, it had to be found, preferably dirty, and it had to be readily available. I was standing on a corner thinking about all this when I spotted a Greek diner coffee cup squashed on the street, I knew instantly that this would be the perfect disposable icon to represent New Yorkers.”
In 1963, the Sherri Cup Company created a standard coffee cup in an effort to appeal to Greek food vendors and restaurant owners. The company’s Marketing Director (and survivor of the death camps), Leslie Buck, added the message: “We are happy to serve you.” Soon thereafter, the Anthora became synonymous with to-go cups in New York City. (The trademark is owned by the Solo Cup Company since 2004, and licenses out the design.)
Sales hit a peak of 500 million in 1994, with The New York Times describing the cups as “perhaps the most successful cup in history.” In 2003, the a ceramic version of the cup was designed and then sold by the MoMA.
For the seventh installment of the Ackers, though, Zito is specifically avoiding the diner cup. “The variations in color and tone that I find on all the random cups I find can be really lovely to work with and these variations can strongly influence the direction I take in creating the image,” he said.
Zito sells these portraits outside of the Ackers orbit, too. There is a dedicated Etsy store, where customers can either purchase a one finished cup portrait (e.g. Lou Reed, Debbie Harry, David Byrne, Joan Jett) or custom order by submitting an image.

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Candy Darling Award — Julian Volt
New forms of digital documentation — Alessandra Zeka
Painting — Elsa Rensaa, EiLeen Doster and Stephen Lack
Community Activism and Photography — Andre Cirilo
Health fitness — Saes aka Michael Halpern, Coss Marte.docx
Performance — David Huberman and Jorge Clar
Songwriter — Emily Duff and Joe Sztabnik
Musician — Dina Regine, Gass Wild, and Susan Rakowski
Jazz — Eric Paulin
Show Organizer and host — Frank Wood, Matthew Hupert and Tom Clark
Political Activism/Feminist — Fran Luck
Dancer — Gina Healy
Publisher — Jane Ormerod, Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges
Photography — Johan Vipper
Video — Mitch Corber and Nina Sobell
Printed Matter — Venus Max Schumann
Tattooing — Mehai Bakaty
Archivist — Mehdi Matin
Biography — Nhi Chung
Memoirist — Nicca Ray
Poetry — Louise Landes Levi
Storyteller — Phillip Giambri
Drawing Project — Rew Starr
Journalist — Scott Stiffler

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Acker book:

Poster by Elsa Rensaa
Cover by Elsa Rensaa
read me 86 pages  

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